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Why it is Important to Recycle a Car

Why it is Important to Recycle a Car | Car click cash

In this new day and era, recycling has had a memorable effect on how we live healthier lives. When we recycle plastics and metals from our users we really start to explore our environment. Although auto recycling is fairly widespread, not everyone does or understands why it is so good for our environment. Auto recyclers are trained professionals […]

How Cars are Recycling and Facts and Figures

Top facts you should know how are scrap car recycling

It also has value when a vehicle reaches the end of its life. Although people usually see it as “going to the scorpion“, it actually leads to recycling. According to Steve Fletcher, executive director of the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association, about 83% of cars are recyclable among metallic and recyclable items. Manufacturers have more plastic as they lighten their vehicles, […]


Car Wreckers

Story not surprisingly one of the most common forms of personal transportation! Of these, more than one million are crushed in the United Kingdom alone, where the number has risen to 12 million each year in the United States. Here at Scrap cars, we specialize in efficient car recycling, we have the largest network of […]