Car Wreckers

Story not surprisingly one of the most common forms of personal transportation! Of these, more than one million are crushed in the United Kingdom alone, where the number has risen to 12 million each year in the United States. Here at Scrap cars, we specialize in efficient car recycling, we have the largest network of scrap car dealers in the country. We find that many of our customers often have questions about the process, so we’ve taken the time to address some of your car recycling questions in this quick guide!

Why are cars recyclable important?

In the long run, it is a legal requirement that all vehicles should be scraped efficiently when they reach the end of their effective lifetime. There are several main reasons for this:

Protection and environmental protection

On average cars contain all kinds of liquids and materials that are dangerously dangerous if they enter the natural food chain or water supply. Thus, expert knowledge and tools are needed to properly remove and dispose of these toxins, protecting the environment, animals and human health.

Sustainable and economical value

Recycled cars are valuable sources of steel and other scrap metals incredibly versatile raw materials that can make great use in a whole host of industries. Recyclable cars save us from new ore mines, saving effort, energy, and materials that would otherwise be required to produce new metals. As well as air pollution, less water pollution, and relatively less mining waste, it makes recyclable steel more expensive storage that not only benefits the automotive industry but ultimately makes things cheaper for buyers interested in buying new vehicles. If you want to sell your junk car Cars for cash Brisbane is giving you the best offer you must see it.

How many cars are recyclable?

Currently, the British car industry needs to recycle at least 95% of every end of life. The law was enacted at the latest stage of the last vehicle indicator of life and came into force in January 2015. It includes almost everything, including steel and raw materials for car shells, rubber in tires and plastics and leather in the interior. To ensure that recyclable procedures are of an appropriate standard, they can only be operated by officially approved treatment facilities, which are licensed and supervised by the environmental agency.

Which parts of the car can be recycled for money?

Many of them! Some valuable and useful parts include a catalytic converter, engine, car battery, wheel and tire and oil filter. However, we would usually advise against doing it ourselves ’scrap cars are primarily valued by their weight, so removing parts will have a serious impact on how much companies will pay you for your scrap car. If you are not experienced as a professional mechanic or industry expert you may well discover that it takes a lot of time and effort to remove the parts and there is no guarantee that you can make more money than recycling your car in pieces there’s just that overall there will be scraping. There are more details in our post about scrap car prices.

How to recycle a car?

Basically, each car is recycled in three main stages: evolution, breakdown, and finally destruction. In the depression phase, the toxins are removed. Disassembly involves removing and re–selling parts for reuse before the car is finally crushed in the demolition phase.


One of the main priorities is the reduction of hazardous fluids. These include windshield washes, coolants, antifreeze, and oils, all of which are removed by trained specialists. Once they have been removed, they are best used in any other car or machine or disposed of safely. Engine oil, for example, is often used to fuel freighters and container vessels.


Now, Car removal Brisbane has carefully separated the entire car at the breakdown stage. For example, the precious metals of the catalyst converter have been cut, where dashboard plastics can be split into raw polymers and used for new plastic products. For similar reasons, glass windows turn to fine sand, while rubber for car tires is used for tarmac or playground materials. A few foams and plastics in cars run a process called gamification to generate electricity. Meanwhile, engines can sometimes be used for new vehicles or broken down in some parts of their components.


At this point, the scrap car is almost ready to be sent to shade. However, before it can be done, it must be flattened or crushed using a large sieve. As a result, cube-shaped cars are sometimes referred to as bells yes, like straw! Once it is forcibly converted, it is ready to be cut.

What happens after the car is crushed?

Flatcar bells are sent to a specialist machine, which cuts them into pieces larger than a tennis ball. Then, small pieces of the vehicle move along a conductor, where a vacuum throws away any lightweight material. Magnets are similarly used to separate heavy steel and ferrous metals from alloys. Then, the car’s residue passes through a heavy media separator, which contains a liquid that floats to the top of non–ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, and brass, so that they can be removed. It sounds simple, but it is an amazingly sophisticated process to make sure your old car is effectively recyclable.

What to do before reusing your car

Before sending your car for recycling, you should first be aware that the most important effect of DVLA is that it prevents you from charging unnecessarily. Although there is another reason for this; this prevents you from the danger of unscrupulous dealers scrapping your car when in reality they just patch it up and sell it. This means it is usually still registered with you, so if something goes wrong with your old vehicle, or it is used illegally in some way, it could be your door. Just enter your car registration and postcode to get an instant online evaluation of your car. When you receive your online quote, let us know where and when you need to collect your car, and we will make sure it is recyclable as efficiently as possible. This is how we do it in the scrap car network!